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Namdar Diamonds since 1964

Located in the heart of the goldsmith district of Valenza, Namdar Diamonds Co. is a family company that since 1964 has passionately transmitted the values and knowledge of the master gemologists.

We are specialised in the supply of "Excellent Make" from D to F color round and fancy. Our broad supply capacity ranges from 0.7 mm to 50 carat points in the round, and from 5 points up to 90 points for fancy cuts (ovals, drops, marquises, pear, emerald).

It will be a pleasure for us to come and visit you to show you the quality of our diamonds and discuss the terms of a possible collaboration.

- Avishay Namdar

Our Strength

Passion and knowledge

Princess Cut and Emerald Cut 2 Carat Diamonds on White Background

Excellent Make

We specialise in the supply of "Top Make" from D to F color in nine round qualities and five fancy qualities.

Diamonds on a scoop.

Round & Fancy

Round from 0.7 mm up to 50 loose stitches and fancy (marquise, oval, pear, emerald) from 5 stitches to 90 loose stitches, both in size and weight. Also provide other forms on request.

Quick delivery

We deliver quickly at competitive prices.
On any size and quality our service is: precise, calibrated and double checked.

We will value and certify your diamonds

Request a reliable and competent analysis of the characteristics of your valuables, as well as an estimate of their current market value.

Excellent Make Round Oval Emerald Marquise Pear D color prompt delivery

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We have created a guide to help our customers choose the right diamond.

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